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Personal Tax Preparation


Does your situation feel impossible to correct? We have seen it and solved it all. No matter what your tax preparation needs are, we are trained and experienced to fix it. No matter how complex your finances or how tangled your situation, we can straighten it out for you and get you back on track and living with no tax stress!

We Promise to:

  • Ensure complex tax situations are handled with efficiency and consistency, through our permanent, year-round staff
  • Provide complete tax preparation services, including all returns for prior years that require completing
  • Ensure you get the maximum tax benefits from your rentals or sole-proprietorship
  • Offer tax planning advice whenever you need it
  • Integrate in-house accounting services into the tax preparation process when you require it


* Fay Chrisohou Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant is a licensed and registered accounting firm with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada