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Our Knowledge Translates Into Your Power

Welcome to FCPC Tax & Consulting. Our tax professionals can implement strategies catered to you while maintaining the solid regulatory compliance and high ethical standards you need.
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Tax Resolution

Need to straighten out your personal and business tax situation? Our extensive experience with audits is always at your disposal. Whether you need full audit representation or just help understanding how to respond to a tax notice, FCPC will guide and support you. We can ensure you are compliant and show you how to stay that way.

Tax Preparation

Our team can handle all your tax preparation needs. FCPC has the expertise to give you the tax savings you want and the knowledge to provide the tax compliance you need. Whether it’s unfiled returns from past years, corporate return preparation, or defining a new tax strategy following a major life change, we are here to serve you.

Accounting Services

When you partner with FCPC, you can take your mind off the numbers and focus on growing your business. Whether you need accounting services, or a CFO* to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of your operation, we can provide a solution that is tailor-made for your budget and needs.

*CFO – Chief Financial Officer, a senior executive with responsibility for the financial affairs of a corporation or other institution.


We are a detail-oriented company, asking probing questions is one of the strategies we employ to dig deeper and find out as much as we can about our clients. We review the client’s files and create future plans by assessing and going over current transactions, we can see to it that everything is done correctly and in a thorough manner.


FCPC ensures our clients’ effective use of the tools available to them. We establish a close working relationship with our clients in order to provide them with direct education whenever possible and identify ways to organize their financial expenses. Our clients will have a strong understanding of what is being done to help them save money and pay less in tax.


We provide solid and tested information to help clients get ahead in today’s increasingly competitive world. Our qualitative numbers will assure the clients that we are taking the right direction in setting up the right plans and strategies to ensure growth. Our company works alongside financial advisors to assist in making tough tax decisions.

We just checked our bank accounts and have received payments from CANADA RIT. We wouldn’t even know where to begin validating if that’s correct but it’s certainly in the ballpark of what we were expecting plus the outstanding interest on that money.

We are grateful for you following up on these elusive funds.  I know it’s taken a lot of your time for what has essentially been an administrative error and didn’t even require your tax expertise as much as your persistence and knowledge of CRA departments, processes and lingo.  Again, we couldn’t have done this without you.

We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone and would hope that you’ll open any e-mails from us that come your way if future problems arise (though we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t after this soap opera)

 Thanks again.

Jason K. & Barbara W.

* Fay Chrisohou Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant is a licensed and registered accounting firm with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada