A History of Professional Accounting Services

FCPC’s founder, Fay Chrisohou has spent her entire adult career in financial services. Chatting about finances has always been easy in her circle, but she was amazed to discover that this wasn’t true in other circles.

Fay encountered women everywhere that had no idea what the state of their finances were. Often embarrassed to admit it, many women let the men in their lives handle household finances and didn’t have a clue about their own situations.

After hearing this again and again, and unfortunately also having had to assist many women with heartbreaking financial issues after a divorce or death of their spouse, Fay made a firm decision to change the landscape to be and advocate and educator.

Fay and her team are determined to work with women to build up their confidence, know their financial worth and self-worth and provide guidance when needed so you always feel like you have a partner in your financial future.

You hear that people just want to help all the time. But it’s the why, it’s the reason we want to help that motivates us to keep going when our own lives get overwhelming.

We all have that one thing we ‘just can’t stand for’ and for Fay, it’s to have women feel ashamed for not taking control of their finances.

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FCPC Community has an extensive network of professional service providers and business colleagues to refer and recommend, which makes putting together your trusted advisory team easy effective.



The FCPC team is knowledgeable about the kinds of people and services you need and we consider you part of our extended family. Need an attorney, consultant, insurance broker or real estate professional? Just ask. We likely know just the right person for you!

Our extended FCPC network includes professionals who share ideas and support each other by helping to create a complete customer experience. You might be our client and an advisor for others. Get to know us at FCPC so that you can become part of our community of professionals!

Our clients benefit from our accounting and tax services, but did you know we also provide business strategy consulting, business start-up advice, succession planning and estate and trust planning? There more ways FCPC can serve your success and help you realized your dreams that a typical accounting firm offers!

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