Tax Audit Support, and Much More.

Our process guarantees that you pay only your fair share of taxes. Since taxes are one of the biggest expenses a business must endure, we have become specialists in all tax affairs, helping you stay compliant with mandatory reporting and remittances.

Goods and Services Tax Remittences

We will make certain that you are compliant with CRA filing requirements. Even innocent mistakes in your GST or payroll records can lead to interest and penalties following an inquiry from CRA. We will provide a detailed review of your GST and payroll records, to ensure that you are complying with all the current legislation.

Business Strategy Meetings

As professionals in our field, we are more successful when our clients succeed. So we want to sit down with you each quarter for a business strategy meeting to help you focus on the things that really matter to your bottom line - not just taxes. This helps us build a strategy and hold you accountable to your stated financial goals.

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Actual Customer Testimonial...

“I have been a client with the accounting firm FCPC Group for a few years now. I highly recommend them. They are very helpful and very professional with the way they handle their clients accounting needs. The whole staff is remarkable, especially at tax time.”

Fay L.

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